Some views from the Quad

Today I took advantage of the sunshine to take a few photos of some classic sights from around the Quad. Soon enough, these images will become part of your daily life!

This is the entrance to the Quad at 37th & Spruce Street – open 24 hours a day. This is the closest entrance/exit to Fisher Hassenfeld. You will need to swipe your Penn ID every time you enter, and all guests will need to be signed in. The trash and recycling room is located just beyond the gate. You can also pick up your daily newspaper from here!

Here is one of many bike racks throughout the Quad where you can safely, securely lock your bike anytime, including overnight. Students are encouraged to register their bikes with the UPenn Division of Public Safety, located at 4040 Chestnut Street. And remember, always wear a helmet!

In the middle of the Quad sits a statue of Charles Harrison AKA “The Chuck Statue.” Mr. Harrison, born in Philadelphia in 1884, was the Provost (that’s what they called the University President back then) of the University of Pennsylvania from 1894-1910. Come rain, sleet or snow, good old Chuck watches over the Quad from his lofty perch. Residents often gather in the green in front of and behind the statue to study, socialize, and sunbathe.

These handy name plates are on all the doors of Fisher Hassenfeld. Because each section of the house has a different name, it can be a little confusing at first to get around. These little signs help you know where you’re going.

The Bluestone Courtyard is a lovely outdoor gathering area tucked toward the back of Fisher Hassenfeld. This spot gets lots of sunshine, and there are plenty of tables and chairs for hanging out or reading. Our residents often meet here for BBQs and s’mores!

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