Call for ITAs from Fisher Hassenfeld!

Hello Fisher-Hassenfeld Residents,

▶ Are you a people person? Do you like meeting and working with people?
▶ Would you like  to work a minute away from where you live?
▶ Do your friends and family ask you for computer help?
▶ Would you like to move in to your room early, for free?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, apply to be an ITA!

Information Technology Advisors are student staff who troubleshoot residents’ computer problems in the College House. We tackle software problems of many sizes, from setting up wireless internet to fixing blue screens of death. We are looking for employees who have strengths in reliability and customer service.

Other details:
▶ ITA’s move in early (08/29) for paid training the following two days (08/30-08/31). Regular freshmen move-in is 09/02.
▶ Work 6~10 hours week – a combination of fixed hours of computer lab staffing, and variable hours if you work on a case outside your lab hours. The first month is busy with students setting up their computers, but things settle down eventually.

We encourage anyone who’s interested to apply! No technical experience is required – we’ll teach you what you need to know in training. Preference will be given to work-study students.The deadline is June 18, and we will inform you of decisions by July 5.

Please access the application at the link below:

Thanks everyone!

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