Ta Da! The FH RAs & GAs

Getting to know you,
Getting to know all about you.
Getting to like you,
Getting to hope you like me…

We’re starting a new column here at Fisher Hassenfeld Is Awesome to introduce new residents to our totally radical staff of Residential Advisors and Graduate Associates. We’ve got 24 of ’em living here for the 2010-2011 academic year; they are here for you: as resources, as advice-givers, as pizza party organizers, and so much more! They really are a sweet bunch (and smart, too!), who you’ll enjoy getting to know throughout the year.

Let’s start with Matt Amalfitano, President of the Undergraduate Assembly, and all around great guy. He’s a returning RA in Fisher Hassenfeld. This year he’s the RA for 2nd Floor Brooks/Leidy, and is heading up the Health & Society program.

(Another Fisher Hassenfeld RA Lawrence Tanzman on the left w/ guitar, Matt on the right with a…flute?)

FHIA: So Matt, how’s your summer going? Where are you living and what have you been up to so far?

Matt: My summer housing is almost exactly 0.3 miles from my Fisher Hassenfeld den. Living on campus as a current summer RA is fantastic; short lines at Gia Pronto, meeting people from different schools, and all that the city has to offer in the summer (Fourth of July at the Art Museum and Phillies games as two examples) are the norm. I have spent the past couple of weeks finishing up an independent study in a research lab located in the nearby medical school. I start work soon at the Center for High Impact Philanthropy, an awesome center on campus that helps donors find the best places for contributions.

FHIA: What are you excited about for the upcoming school year (both at FH and in general?)

Matt:  I’m pretty pumped for Lollapalooza with fellow RA Lawrence Tanzman. It’ll be my third time in Chi-Town and the line-up looks pretty sick.

Senior year is daunting in many ways, but our class’ collective anxiety is definitely outweighed by our excitement. Most exciting of all is returning to Fisher Hassenfeld. I’m looking forward to Shana’s and my Health and Societies Residential Program. We’re gearing up with the illustrious Dr. Sandy Schwartz to bring everyone some talks on the affects of marijuana and adderall, as well as some stuff on ObamaCare right at the beginning of the year.

FHIA: What makes Fisher Hassenfeld awesome?

Matt: Fisher Hassenfeld is not only awesome for our awesome blog (popular to contrary belief). It’s awesome for so many reasons, including April and Emily, our house dean and coordinator, respectively. It’s awesome for the constant flow of programs and events in-house. It’s awesome for the fall days where you can lay out a blanket in upper quad and pound out that Econ 001 reading. It’s awesome because quite frankly the best incoming students choose to live in Fisher Hassenfeld, and the community is tight and caring because of that. Penn is a big place but Fisher Hassenfeld makes it smaller with every hall event and house event. Beyond the events, though, the people in Fisher make the day-to-day living the best at our school. Never have I been in a place with people so compassionate and outgoing. It’s going to be the best year yet -get pumped for August, and hit up any of our staff with questions about FH life or about Penn in general.

FHIA: Any funny or special FH memories you’d like to share?

Matt:  My favorite FH memory is performing a dance to Simon and Garfunkel’s “Cecilia” during the first FH Talent Show. An example of the dance can be found here. Unfortunately, LT and I went immediately after a guitarist with actual talent, slightly tainting our performance. Judge for yourself.

Learn more about Matt by reading his bio on the Fisher Hassenfeld Website.

More RA/GA profiles to come!

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