The new kid in town

So far, we’ve profiled 2 RAs – Matt & Ali, both returning from stints in Fisher Hassenfeld last year. But, did you know that well over half of our RAs and GAs this year will be new to Fisher Hassenfeld? Some GAs will even be new to Penn. One such new kid in town is Graham Rengert, a native of West Chester, PA, who is coming from Cornell University College of Arts. Graham’s neck of the woods in FH will be Class of ’28, 1st and 2nd floors. Let’s check in on what Graham’s been up to lately…

FHIA: So, what’s up Graham? How’s your summer going?

Graham: My summer’s been going great!  I’ve jumped right into the accelerated second-degree nursing program here at Penn and I love getting to know new friends and learning to be a nurse.  I’ve moved into Fisher Hassenfeld and I’m reveling in the envy of all my classmates who see me walk two blocks to the Nursing School and meet them after their half hour commute from South Street or Manayunk.  I will say that I am looking forward to the new residents replacing the high schoolers staying here for summer camp; because I have a ground-level window on the Quad, I now know way too much about how Amanda isn’t talking to Erin because Scott is being a jerk.  (I’m sparing you the details.)

FHIA: Ah, summer camp drama. So, what are you excited about for the upcoming school year (both at FH and in general?)

Graham: I’m psyched about finding my place in a new campus community and meeting new people.

FHIA: Even though you’re just getting to know the place, we still gotta ask: What makes Fisher Hassenfeld awesome?

Graham: Proximity to the nursing school! … and I really like the elm tree outside my window.  (I look forward to learning more substantive things that make Fisher Hassenfeld awesome in the coming year… I’m obviously a newcomer.)

FHIA: Any funny or special memories of dorm life that you want to share?

Graham: In February of my last year as an RA at my old school, we had a building-wide snowball fight on the lawn including the House Dean’s kids and their friends, several professors, a dog, and about 60 college students.  It lasted close to an hour and ended when the dining staff surprised by bringing out hot chocolate and platters of warm cookies.  Definitely one of the best memories among many!

Sounds sweet! Get to know more about Graham by reading his bio on the official FH website.

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