Passionate About Sustainability

Ahoy hoy here from Fisher Hassenfeld. Hope everyone had a great weekend, and that those living in/around the Philadelphia area are enjoying a much needed break from the heat wave!

Last week, we were advertising for Penn’s Eco-Reps program. Click here if you want a refresher. Below, we have a testimonial from Brent Ginsberg, a rising Sophomore who participated as Eco-Rep last year. Check out what he has to say about his experience:

“Applying to participate in the Eco-Reps program my freshman year proved to be a great decision.  As an Eco-Rep in Hill College House, I was afforded the opportunity to begin interacting with my peers and Penn faculty immediately.  The program is perfect for any student passionate about sustainability and environmental issues, who would like to play an active role in educating their fellow students.

As an Eco-Rep I was able to organize events and programming for my college house.  Such events as the Power Down Challenge and the Cap Your Waste Challenge were fun ways to educate my peers on important environmental issues and to form a sense of camaraderie with my housemates.

Another great aspect about the program is that as an Eco-Rep you have the opportunity to work closely and interact with Penn faculty and sustainability staff at the university.  It’s truly awesome to have the ability to spearhead new environmental initiatives on campus with the support of this program.  There is no easier way to foment change at Penn and to shape the behavior of your peers than by becoming an Eco-Rep.”

Thanks Brent! For lots more info on the Eco-Rep program, including instructions on how to apply, visit the Penn Green Campus Partnership website.

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