activities out the wa-zoo

Sushi. Baseball. Yoga. Brunch.

What do these things have in common? They’re just a the beginning – the tip of the iceberg, really! – of the activities planned for you this fall.  If you’re the type who likes to get up & out, to explore new places, and have lots of interesting experiences, you will be right at home at Fisher Hassenfeld.

We love to plan activities and events – both inside the House, and out in Philadelphia! This city has so much to offer, we try to give you plenty of fun (and cheap…sometimes free!) opportunities to get out there and check it out. Of course you’ll be studying and working your butt off, but when you need a break, be sure to check the Events Calendar on our website. There you can find out about the myriad stuff going on both in the House and activities that will take you into Philly and beyond! Also, right on the front page of the FH Website, there’s a little slide show of these activities, too. Get ready to have fun!

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