Thomas Abel AKA Tabel!

Sorry for the radio silence here, it’s been a crazy week! The staff are returning, training is in full swing, and we’re all getting as prepared as possible for the arrival of our residents! The summer is really almost over – hard to believe, right?

Anyway, I wanted to introduce you to another of our rock star RAs – Thomas Abel. Thomas is a returner to staff this year and an expert on all things FH. His big smile and super helpful demeanor are one of the many things that makes Fisher Hassenfeld truly awesome! To those living on 1st Floor Baird/Fitler/Hopkinson/Provost Smith,  you are quite lucky to have Thomas as your RA. Read a little interview with him below:

FHIA: Sooooo, Thomas. What did you do this summer?

Thomas: My summer was amazing!  I worked at Microsoft in Redmond, Washington, developing competitive strategies and market analyses for the SharePoint Product Management Team.  The great part is that since I grew up in the Seattle area, I got to spend all summer at home!  Some highlights were Cirque Du Solieil’s Kooza and a trip up Mt. Rainier. I definitely kept busy!

FHIA: What are you excited for in the upcoming school year?

Thomas: Well, firstly, I can’t wait to get started on being a Senior!  Secondly, I can hardly plan beyond a month, so a whole year is a bit daunting, but needless to say, I can’t wait to meet my residents and do some really fun hall/house events.  (Shout out for 1st Floor Baird, Fitler, Hopkinson, and half of Provost Smith!)

FHIA: You’ve been at FH a few years now, right? What makes it awesome?

Thomas: Late Night Pancakes, Sandy and Sue’s (Our Faculty Masters’) Study Breaks, Paxton (Faculty Fellow Shannon and Macavan’s talkative 2 year old), Movies in front of Chuck (our resident Bronze statue)and a staff that has so many cool people involved in so many different things!  Plus, the building itself is absolutely beautiful!

FHIA: Any special Fisher Hassenfeld Memories you’d like to share?

Thomas: Tons, but in fairness to all the parties involved, I won’t commit them to the internet!  I think the best thing was that my freshman hall grew really close.  If I had once piece of advice, it would be to get out and meet people.  Get a group together and head to dinner at the dining hall, and participate in House events, and learn how to square dance at FH’s Fall Fest, and if something sounds interesting, check it out. The memories will come from there.

Thomas, YOU are awesome!

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