we heart carts

We heart carts, and so will you! They will make moving your stuff from the car or truck to your room a whole lot easier. In fact, everyone loves the rolling carts! That’s why it’s really important that we all take care to share them during move-in. There are only about 400 carts on campus. That’s it – 400. As you may have guessed, there are WAY more than 400 people moving in over the course of the next few days.

Please be patient with the volunteers at the Move-In tent who will be checking the carts out – they will be doing their best to keep track of the carts in the Quad. Also, remember that it isn’t their fault if a cart is not available at the exact moment you may be in need. The carts have a 1-hour time limit for rental. Please be courteous and considerate (and urge your family members or whomever else is helping you move, too) toward others, and not keep carts past the time limit. We’re all in this together – sharing is caring!

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