“The Wire” hosted by Media and Communications

“The bigger the lie, the more they believe” – Bunk from Season 5, episode 1 of “The Wire”

Are you interested in the role that media plays in our lives?  Want to learn more about urban journalism? How much does TV represent reality, especially the relationships between journalists, politics, police departments, and urban dwellers?  How do we, as TV viewers, become invested in the social problems and the emotional lives of fictional characters?  How authentic are TV shows that try to create social realism?

The Media and Communications interest group invites you to screen Season 5 of “The Wire,” beginning with the first episode on the lawn of the upper Quad on Tuesday September 14th at 9pm.  We will have Berger’s cookies and popcorn, both Baltimore originals!

Written by former journalist turned screenwriter David Simon, the 5th season of “The Wire” uncovers the inner workings of The Baltimore Sun newspaper as an organization and part of the social-political-economic networks of Baltimore.   Although you do not need to have seen the first four seasons to understand the fifth, it can be helpful to read a bit about the season and the main characters.

Over the course of the Fall 2010 semester, we will meet on Tuesday evenings at 9pm to screen one episode of the 5th season of “The Wire” followed by 30minutes of informal discussion.  We will occasionally read reactions about the show from bloggers and individuals who have been impacted by the show, hear from faculty from the Annenberg School for Communications or the Political Science department, and share our own experiences of city life related to the themes that emerge from “The Wire.”

We hope you join us!  If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with the Media and Communications “Wire” host Molly McGlone, one of the Fisher Hassenfeld House Fellows and an Assistant Dean for Advising in the College Office.

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