If you’re new, you’re probably wondering…

How/Where Do I…

Call for Emergency Assistance?

  • Call the Penn Police at 215-573-3333 (or dial 511 from any campus phone). This is a better option that calling 911 which goes directly to the Philadelphia Police.
  • For a Fire Emergency, notify people who you can see in the immediate area, pull a red alarm box, and get out, then call the Penn Police 215-573-3333 to give them specifics about the fire. Do not attempt to fight a fire yourself.
  • If you are in violation of University policy, seek help anyway! You will receive Medical Amnesty.

Report a Facilities Problem

  • For Emergency help, call 215-898-7208 ask for a “work request number” and report the problem and the request number to your RA/GA.

Get Medical Attention?

  • Emergency care should be sought immediately by calling 215-573-3333 (or 511 from a campus phone) or by walking to the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania (HUP) Emergency Room (ER) located on 34th Street South of Spruce.
  • Non-emergency care: make a same-day appointment online by visiting their website at http://www.vpul.upenn.edu/shs/ or call SHS at 215.746.3535 to talk to a person. Walk-ins are permitted, but you may have to wait quite a while if you don’t have an appointment. SHS is found on the second floor of 3535 Market Street (36th & Market – above PNC Bank).

Get back into my room if I’m locked out?

  • There is a lock-out key for your room located in the Info Center in Class of ’87, Room 103 .
  • If the Info Center is closed (after 12am) you can get a key from the McClelland Hall desk.

Call for RA/GA help?

  • First check for your RA/GA in his or her room! If they’re not there, call the FH Info Center at 215-898-9962 (8-9962 from a campus phone) and they will get the RA/GA on duty.

Recycle? Throw out my Trash?

  • The refuse room is located on the right side of the Memorial Tower as you exit the Gate.
  • You can recycle, plastics, cans, bottles and paper.  If you have boxes, please break them down and leave them in the green refuse room – do not cram them into the chutes.

Do my laundry? Buy Laundry Detergent?

  • The laundry room is located on the 2nd floor of the Craig building by the elevator and in the basement of Class of ’28. Laundry is FREE! Detergent can be purchased in the Info Center found in Class of ’87, Room103.
  • Get tips on how to do laundry from family and friends before attempting it your first time!

Connect to the Internet? Get Computer help?

  • Go to the Computer Lab on the first floor of Memorial Tower and ask for an appointment with an Information Technology Advisor (ITA).

Get my Mailbox Combination?

  • You can get your combination from the Info Center in Class of ’87, Room 103.
  • Be sure to start by turning your combination dial to the left first!

Get a new PennCard? Fix a problem with my PennCard?

  • The PennCard Center is located on the first floor of the Franklin Building (3451 Walnut Street).

Rent a DVD? Buy SEPTA tokens?

  • Go to the Info Center in Class of ’87 103.
  • Check the FH website (fh.house.upenn.edu) for a list of DVDs and their availability.

Have more questions?  Find your RA/GA for answers!

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