know the drill

as many of you probably know, there was a fire drill in Fisher Hassenfeld today around 3:50PM. good job to everyone who evacuated the building and followed instructions to meet by “Chuck,” the statue that is in the middle of the Upper Quad.

for those of you who were out or in class or those who were here but – ahem – not listening to the instructions, here is a quick re-cap from before:

  • during all fire drills, knock on your neighbors’ doors as you leave your hall and encourage them to come outside with you.
  • once outside, move away from the building and meet by the Chuck statue. as it gets colder, don’t forget to grab a coat, as the drills can take 15 to 20 minutes and you are not allowed to go back inside once you’ve exited for the drill.
  • listen to the Fire Safety Officer who is giving directions and instructions. you can talk, text, and mess around later. this is important stuff, so be quiet and pay attention.
  • wait until given clearance to re-enter the building, even if the alarm stops.

thanks again to everyone who helped the fire drill today to run smoothly!

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