Tutor Time

So, now that you’re really settling in to being a Penn student, the reality of balancing courses, work and everything else is probably starting to hit! Maybe it all feels totally clear and easy to you, but if you’re like most students, you might want some some help figuring out how to do your best this semester. Good news – Penn has tons of FREE resources to help, and a lot will be right here in the Quad.

Muddled by math, boggled by bio or eager to excel in econ?

The Tutoring Center can help you. We have FREE tutoring in the Quad (McClelland South) every week starting September 27th with the following schedule:

  • Monday, 6-10 pm, MATH 103,104 and 114
  • Tuesday, 6-10pm, BIOL 101
  • Wednesday, 6-10pm, ECON 001 and 002

Not only can you work with a tutor during these times, but you can also bring your study group to McClelland during these times – and if something stumps the group, the tutor will be right there to help!

Not sure how to manage all your assignments and time, or concerned about taking your first set of finals?

Weingarten Learning Resources Center focuses on helping you master the skills you need to be a successful student at Penn. Weingarten will be offering four FREE workshops in the Quad (McClelland North) this semester:

  • Wed, 9/29, 7:30-9pm – Planning your Semester: What’s the plan?
  • Wed, 11/3, 7-8:30pm – Project Management: Breaking it down w/ Penn resources
  • Wed, 11/17, 7-8:30pm – Analyze This: Taking stock at mid-semester
  • Wed, 12/1, 7-8:30pm – Exam Prep: Matching your study strategies w/your courses

Of course, Tutoring and Weingarten also offer much more on campus throughout the year, as does your school’s advising office, the Writing Center, Communication with the Curriculum and a host of other resources- and, ALL OF IT IS FREE. Not sure what would be useful to you or how to get started? Come by advising hours in McClelland South from 6-8pm each Tuesday (during bio tutoring)!

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