you & the fam

This weekend is Family Weekend at Penn! Many of you probably have parents, siblings, or other family members coming to visit today, Saturday or Sunday. If you want to bring your guests into the Quad to check out your room and meet your friends, you’ll need to get them through the security gate first. To avoid the long lines, you can go to, link to “My Housing” and then click on Family Weekend access. There, you can customize access passes, which can be printed out at any printer. Otherwise, special orange 3-day passes can be obtained at the FH Info Center and the Quad nook. The normal guest sign-in procedures apply – you (the host) need your Penn card, and all guests will need photo IDs.

Not sure what to do with the fam on this lovely weekend? In addition to the many programs hosted by VPUL (see the full list here), Fisher Hassenfeld is hosting a Study Break in McKean 100, at 3:30 PM on Saturday, 10/16.

Have fun with the fam!

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