Last Things Check List

Hope you all doing well on your papers, finals and other finishing things.

As you leave for the break, please remember and note the following:

Make sure you take your Penn ID, your keys, prescriptions, tickets, visa, passports, etc. Once the Quad is locked on Dec 23rd, you can’t get back in until Jan 8th!

When you leave make sure you do the following (staff will be checking all rooms and opening all fridges to double check that these items have been done):

  • Close and lock windows
  • Empty fridge and freezer, unplug and leave open. If you DO NOT have a frost free freezer, you need to defrost it a few days before you leave or there will be a large puddle of water on your floor.
  • Empty trash and recycling. ALL OF IT! Take it to the trash rooms, not the bathroom, lounge or hallway. If you leave it somewhere it will be there until January and it will STINK!!!!
  • Turn off all your lights, unplug all electronics. (yes, the do draw electricity even when off)
  • Turn heat to auto and set to 68.
  • Close and LOCK your door.

Travel Safety and have a wonderful break.

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