you don’t gotta rush it

Welcome back, Fishers! We hope everyone had a spectacular break. Are you all rested up and ready to tackle the exciting semester ahead?

One of the things that defines the beginning of Spring semester for many people is Rush Week. If going Greek isn’t for you, don’t worry! We’ve got some fun alternative rush activities planned in Fisher Hassenfeld if making the fraternity/sorority rounds isn’t on your agenda.

Tonight, Wednesday, 1/12 – 9PM @ Goldberg Modern Family Dessert Night: Come share a night of laughs and dessert. Voted the outstanding comedy at the Emmy’s, Modern Family will have you laughing and spitting milk out your nose (well, only if you are drinking milk as you watch it). Then stay for Cougartown, that despite a bad name continues in the Friends tradition of creating laughs between friends.

Thursday, 1/13 – 8PM @ Goldberg The Pursuit of Happyness & Pizza: Come watch the “Pursuit of Happyness,” a 2006 American biographical drama film directed by Gabriele Muccino and based on the life of Chris Gardner. The film stars Will Smith as Gardner, an on-and-off-homeless salesman-turned stockbroker. Pizza and snacks will be provided!

Friday, 1/14 – 8PM @ Goldberg Xbox Kinect: Come check out the newest thing in gaming! Play Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect with the rest of Fisher-Hassenfeld in Goldberg Lounge. No need for controllers or buttons because YOU are the controller!

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