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Do you want to live in Fisher Hassenfeld again during the 2011-2012 school year? Do you have an interest in Law, Health, Communications or Healthy Living? If so, one of FH’s Residential Programs might be for you! Applications (which can be found on the bulletin board in the lobby near the pool table in Class of ’87/Goldberg) are due by Wednesday, January 19th at 5PM, so don’t delay! Read more below about the different Residential Programs.

Healthy Living: Healthy Living is designed for students interested in maintaining and improving their health throughout the academic year, as well as exploring what it means to be healthy in today’s society. Activities include discussion of health issues with noted Penn faculty and staff; facilitated discussions with peer educators from areas such as fitness, nutrition, and men’s and women’s health; and sessions on stress reduction and massage therapy. A student led running group, for new and veteran joggers is organized each year. In addition, along with Penn’s many fitness and recreational facilities across campus, Fisher Hassenfeld maintains an exercise center open to all residents of Fisher Hassenfeld.

Health & Society: This new multi–disciplinary program will explore U.S. and global health and health policy issues and challenges, incorporating biological, behavioral, economic, political and socio–cultural perspectives and determinants of health. Through group discussions, field trips, community service, and discussions with health policy leaders working to make a difference in these areas, program participants will explore such issues as health inequalities, access to care, health care reform, the promises and pitfalls of medical technology and the role community activism, mass media and social policy level in improving the health of the public.

Law & Society: This is a program for students from all academic disciplines who share an interest in legal and political issues. Through workshops, group discussions and meetings with guests from the Penn faculty, the courts, politics, and legal education, participants explore how the law shapes and is shaped by our society. Members have assisted with campus “get-out-the-vote” campaigns and have visited the U.S. Supreme Court as guests of its Historical Society.  Students interested in applying to law school have available to them a member of our staff (Rutgers–Camden Law School ‘06) who can advise students regarding course work, LSAT training, and all aspects of the application process.

Media & Communications: This popular program resides in the buildings collectively known as Goldberg House, and is open to students in any academic program who are interested in broadcasting, publishing, journalism, filmmaking, public relations, marketing, digital media and political communication. The house maintains a weekly film program, draws upon faculty from the Annenberg School for Communication, and brings in outside speakers to offer a broad-based introduction to media and communications.

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