i want your blood!

While the need for a reliable blood supply is ever-present, the American Red Cross is recruiting even more blood donors due to the recent string of severe weather.  Due to the weather, the Red Cross has been forced to cancel more than 750 blood drives and 28,000 scheduled blood donations since January 1.  As a result, blood collections are at the lowest levels in a decade.

The quickest relief will come from local blood donors who are able to give at a local blood drive like the one here in the Quad on Wednesday, March 2nd.   Please sign up now by CLICKING HERE

Have you ever thought about being a blood donor?  Or have you donated in the past but have just been putting it off?  If so, now is a great opportunity to make a difference.

The Red Cross is grateful to all those who are responding to this call to help the blood supply recover to sufficient levels. I hope you will step up and become a blood donor.

UPenn Quad

Wednesday, March 2nd 2 – 8 pm

To sign-up click here

Recipient Stories/Why We’re Donors:  Click Here

Donor Eligibility Guidelines: Click Here or call 1 800 RED CROSS

Donation Tips (including tips for after donating):  Click Here

Tips to boost your iron level: Click here

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