don’t be toast

Spring Fling is upon us (T-Minus 2 days!). Good times, full steam ahead! We hope that you all have a safe, fun Fling. You’re lucky to live in the Quad and be so close to the action – HOWever, we must remind you:

If You Host, You’ll Be Toast

– Please do not host gatherings in your room during Spring Fling with alcohol or drugs. If you are getting pressured to do so, please contact your RA/GA our the House Dean and we can help you confientially. Fines are $100 per roommate for hosting.

– Be responsible for your guests. Their behavior is your responsibility.

– If you choose to drink, know your limits.

– If you do get confronted for something, cooperation and compliance will result in minimal sanctions. Non-compliance will result in fines starting at $50 and up.

– Take care of one another and our House.

– Do not prop bathroom doors, they are locked for a reason. Letting in non-Fisher Hassenfeld residents may result in extremely unpleasant conditions for you and the floor (e.g. vomit in the shower, etc).

– All Lounges will be locked starting April 14th. Please keep them locked.

– Lock your door and keep it locked at all times. We will be hosting all Penn students and their guests, and unlocked doors leads to theft.

– Do not sit on balconies, windowsills, etc.

– If you or a friend have a medical concern, please do not hesitate to call our staff. Medical amnesty is still in effect.

– Staff will be on duty 24/7 during Fling to keep you safe by confronting and documenting drinking in the hallways, and confronting and documenting parties in rooms. All alcohol will be dumped.

– Keep Fling safe so it can continue!



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