the end is near

Well Fishers, it’s that time of year again. Class are long over, exams are winding down, and you all are preparing to move out and start your summers! 2010-2011 was a truly awesome year. We hope you had a great time living in Fisher Hassenfeld – we sure loved having you.

Below, find some important information about move out:

  • All residents must be out by May 11th at 5pm EXACTLY or they will be fined $100 per day plus a rent charge of 28.50 a day
  • Upon leaving you must: broom sweep your room, have all trash out of the room and all original furniture in the room
  • Please return all recycling bins to the House office (Class of ‘87 room 105 or 106)
  • Please donate unopened food, clothing and furniture to Penn Moves (pick up is in the shed by the 37th street gate). NO FOAM mattress covers.
  • Please donate books in the mailroom book box
  • FH info center closed may 6th at 4 pm. After that time to check out all you must go to McClelland.
  • All FH equipment and DVD check out ends on May 4th. All equipment and movies must be returned by May 6th at 4 pm or you will be billed for the replacement value plus a $20 administrative replacement fee.
  • You MUST turn in your key upon departure. Failure to do so will result in fines as if you are still living here ($100 day plus 28.50 day rent)
  • Room must be in move in condition or you will be will be billed for replacement costs of furniture and damage charges.

Email with any questions regarding move out. Thanks again for a wonderful year. No go have safe, happy, super fun summertime adventures!

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