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As you prepare to leave campus, please make sure to make arrangements for your mail to be processed appropriately this summer:

– If you are staying in the US, you must change your temporary address in Penn InTouch to have mail forwarded to your summer address. If you do not change your temporary address, all postal mail will be forwarded over the summer to the address listed as your permanent address, through normal postal procedures.

– If you are leaving the country and have a current on campus address, Housing Services has arranged with Datrose, Inc. to accept and hold postal mail for students traveling internationally over the summer of 2011, through established residential mail operations.

The program is for any resident who is leaving the country from May 1 – September 1, 2011. Mail can be held from May 1 – September 15.

To sign up for Mail Holding:

  • Go to any residential package room to register. You must complete the registration form and submit it at a residential package room*.
  • You can also download it at The completed form must be turned in to any residential package room in order to register.
  •  Provide your name, current address, including mailbox number, a working email address, your Penn ID, and a summer (foreign) address if available. You’ll also be asked to provide a start and end date between May 1 and September 15.
  •  Follow instructions provided in confirmation email: Once registered, you’ll receive email confirmation and a temporary address to be entered into Penn InTouch:


1)      Do NOT change your Spring mailing address for family, friends, banks, businesses, etc. Datrose will process mail as it is sent to your Spring semester mailbox address.

2)      DO change your temporary address in Penn InTouch, using the address that Datrose sends you in this email. This will let them use that record to generate hold labels for your particular summer account. This email from Datrose will include instructions on how to pick up your mail at the end of the summer.

Limits of Service:

Datrose will accept and hold US postal first or second class mail fo those who register. Mail holding will begin on the date you provide, and will end on the date you provided.

Bulk mail, magazines and newspapers will not be processed or held. Packages will not be processed or held.

To retrieve your mail at the end of the summer:

You must send a pick up request to the email address supplied by Datrose at the time of registration. Towards the end of the hold period, you will receive 2 email reminders to retrieve your mail from the mail hold facility.

Any mail not picked up by September 15th will be returned to sender.

If you have any questions about the summer holding service, please email Datrose at All other questions about mail should be directed to

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