Soundscapes of Society

Open to all Freshman in Fisher Hassenfeld, Soundscapes of Society is a Freshman Seminar taught by Fisher Hassenfeld College House Fellow and Assistant Dean for Advising, Molly McGlone, on Monday and Wednesday afternoons from 3:30-5pm.  This course is cross-listed between Music and Urban Studies as MUSC/URBS 018-401 and will count as Interdisciplinary Humanities and Social Sciences (Sector IV) AND Cultural Diversity in the United States (a Foundation requirement) for College students.

Musical taste and personal sonic experiences are integral to how individuals create and participate in urban spaces.  By attending live concerts, listening to music in the car, or valuing particular musical experiences, each individual participates in broad networks of social, economic, and artistic exchange.  This course will challenge participants to integrate personal experiences at live music events with a serious investigation of how class, race, sexual orientation, and other forms of identity are expressed through the creation of musical soundscapes in urban environments.  Participants will explore the soundscape of Philadelphia while reflecting on how individuals create community spaces through music.

How would you make sense of the following musical spaces and their representations within the soundscape of Philly?

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One Response to Soundscapes of Society

  1. Chris Chan says:

    Dr. McGlone/Molly is awesome!
    Freshmen take her class :))))))

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