Welcome to the Fish Tank.

You are here.  Your suitcases have been unpacked, your Chia Pet is coming along nicely, and you’ve succeeded in putting the standard 2-poster count on your walls, with one of them most likely having something to do with Hangover.  You’ve made friends, you’ve joined clubs, and you no longer call your mom every hour to update her- don’t pretend that was just me (or was it?)

So, what now?  Everything you’ve been building up for in high school has arrived.  You’re here.

Maybe you’ve realized that college is as unexpectedly awesome as this fortune cookie’s message.

As weird as the combo of Yo Gabba Gabba and Jack Black…

Or as lonely as this guy…

Whatever your first impression may be- one of awesomeness, absurdity, or loneliness- I encourage you to erase it and start fresh.  You might be that person who’s already in twelve clubs and president of Overachievers 4 Penn, but I beg you to take a step back and look at your college experience for the next year in a new light.  YOUR COLLEGE LIFE IS NOT DECIDED WITHIN THE FIRST THREE WEEKS.  So, don’t fret!  Whether you’ve succeeded in jumping in or not, you have time!  Whether you think so or not, you’ll be a whole new person by the end of this year with all new interests and experiences.

Now, let me let you in on a little secret.  You live in the most social, most involved area of Penn’s Campus- the Quad.  You are in a giant freshman armpit of amazingness.  So, wake up and smell the body odor- er, I mean the school spirit!  But really- on a serious note, living at Fisher is probably the best choice you could’ve made to have a fulfilling Freshman year.  Whether you feel lost or not, this is a place of support, fun, activity, socializing, and more.  We’re all in the same fish tank, so don’t ever feel intimidated.

Challenge of the Week: Walk down your hall and get to know someone that you haven’t gotten to know yet.  Attend a Fisher Hassenfeld House event with them (*cough*, photography seminar, guitar master class, nutritionist meeting, yoga, Hall dinner, *cough*).  In other words, there are endless opportunities.  Yet, don’t get overwhelmed by those last two words: “endless opportunities”.  You have time.  Just enjoy the ride.

Welcome to the Fish Tank.

You’re a fish now!!

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