A Fish’s Survival Guide for Mid-Terms Week

In just a few days, you will be lifting your pencil onto that dreaded piece of paper called “_______’s (fill in the blank) Midterm”.  Whether it’s Chemistry 101, Math 104, or Intro to International Relations, the time has almost arrived.  For most of us, it’s natural instinct to want to hole up in the library, studying our brains out and being fed brain-power mush through a tube, fleeing from the sun for the next 72 hours straight and choosing instead to breathe in that sweet smell of the Dewey Decimal System.

I, too, am guilty of this kind of behavior.  It’s an epidemic that’s sweeping campus, even in our wonderful home of Fisher Hassenfeld.

So, before you pack a sleeping bag for the library- take a minute to read the following survival guide for midterms week.  You’ll probably learn a thing or two, and hopefully, just maybe, you will survive.

1.  Go outside and get some exercise.

Every few hours of studying, you should take a break to go outside and get some Vitamin D.  As much as people like being blinded when they look at your pasty white skin, it’s good for you, both physically and psychologically, to go outside and get your body moving.  Being sedentary for more than a few hours is unhealthy and over time, can contribute to weight gain.  In other words, your Freshman 15 is becoming more like a Freshman 100 every hour you sit and study.

2.  Take care of your body, including good diet and plenty of sleep.

Okay, so I know you guys probably are reading this and thinking, “Wow, what a crappy survival guide.  This stuff is so cliche,” but just hear me out.  Two weeks ago, I started sleeping less and skipped several meals due to lack of time.  About one week later, I developed strep throat and a massive cold.  Let me tell you guys- it sucks.  Do you really want to be sick during midterms?  Do you really want to have strep throat while you’re figuring out a really hard problem on your Chemistry mid-term?  Then, please (for my sake, too) take care of yourselves!

This picture is AWESOME.

3.  Socialize.

You may think that there is no other woman/man in your life than your pencil during midterm week, but let’s be real guys- pencils can’t make you laugh or tell you that you smell bad.  And if they can, then you’ve already been studying for too long.  Schedule out an hour or two every single day before midterms to socialize.  Go out to lunch with a friend.  Go dancing at night.  Go to Dinner With Interesting People on Tuesday in McClelland.  The choice is yours.

Long story short, you’re smart.  You got into Penn.  You’re going to do great on your midterms.  Yet, your health and experience at Penn is going to suffer if you don’t find a balance between studying, health, and life.  If you find a balance between all these things, you’re basically going to be like a miniature Buddha covered in hair (*Anchorman quote*).  WE CAN DO IT!!!!

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