A Big Jambalaya

Music Spotlight (from Urban Outfitter’s Blog)

In case you didn’t know, the Urban Outfitter’s Blog has a whole page dedicated to the awesomeness of Philadelphia.  In recent months, there have been several posts highlighting the work of local DJ, Sammy Slice (pictured above).  He works, plays, and makes music right here in Philly, often under the name of BNNACLPS, which is the party they host once per month to showcase their mixes.  If you need something to jam to in your dorm, check out his latest mixtape on Soundcloud:


Day 3’s Picture of the Tree in the Quad, to be continued in a project of the change of seasons throughout the year.


We are looking for Students of the Week to feature on the Blog!  Are you interested in sharing your two cents on life, love, laughs, ligers, and whatever else you wanna say?!

Send Marlie an email at marlie@sas.upenn.edu to get featured!  We like input and inspiration from whatever you’re inspired by!

Don’t forget about FALL FESTIVAL coming up this week on October 20th in the Nipple!  It starts at 8, and unless you wanna miss out on cider, free food, and other Fall festivities, be in the Nipple on October 20th!!

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