Friday, Franco, and other Freaking Awesome Things

It’s Friday!  HOORAY!  On a side note, don’t you hate it that every time you say “it’s friday” now, you say it in an obnoxious, auto-tuned voice like Rebecca Black?  It’s honestly impossible for me to say it’s Friday, without saying it’s FRYE-DAI.

In other news, check out this stopmotion video of sushi being made in the local Philly restaurant, Zama.

After watching this video, I became inspired to do a little stopmotion of my own.  Check it out on the Fisher Hassenfeld Facebook page!

Are you interested in learning about the benefits of good media?  Real Talk Zine is a new online/print zine founded on the belief that good media can strengthen and fuel a sense of community. It’s filled with original content created by the staff and readers and info on events in the Lehigh Valley/Philadelphia area. If that wasn’t reason enough to read it, it was founded by a bunch of college kids!

The website is still under construction, but definitely check it out.

Last, but certainly not least… JAMES FRANCO IS COMING TO PENN.  On November 6 in Irvine Auditorium, Franco will be taking the stage.  Go buy your tickets today before they run out!  I know that I already have mine.  My favorite role of his was Allen Ginsberg in Howl, but his role in Spiderman was, of course, a classic.  If you only know him for Spiderman, then get a ticket anyways!  He has his masters in Fine Arts from Columbia, and he’s an all-around cool guy.

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