Star Slinger, will you marry me?

On Wednesday night, I was walking back from Center City after seeing a performance with my theatre class.  I was hungry, tired, and freezing my butt off.  Shuffling onto Locust Walk with my hands in my pockets, I heard music coming from the Arch Building.  And that’s when it hit me.  Star Slinger was playing!  After the grueling week of midterms, I had completely forgotten about this awesome SPEC event happening right on Locust Walk.  I looked down Locust Walk at the streetlights near the Quad Gate, and then I looked at the door to the Arch Building.

Looked down at Locust Walk once more.

And chose the Arch Building.  For just $5, I didn’t realize how much I would enjoy the Shlomo, Shigeto, and Star Slinger performance.  I’ll be honest- I had pretty low expectations.  I mean come on.  I only had to pay $5.  I pay more for decent toothpaste.

Let me just go ahead and put this out there- Star Slinger is easily ten times better, in my opinion, than some of the big-name DJ’s out there today.  Star Slinger somehow seems to magically combine hip-hop, funk, and techno all into one.  So many DJ’s today have latched themselves onto the neck of pure techno with little passion or feeling.  Star Slinger takes old funk songs and adds warm, deep bass to make mixes that are substantial, thick, and so fun to dance to.  His accent testifies to his UK home, but his work seems to fit the US scene even better than some of our American-grown DJ’s themselves.  He cuts the repetitive dubstep drop, and instead, creates music that is unpredictable and incredibly fantastic.

Based on this post, I hope all Fisher residents will be encouraged to attend the next SPEC-organized event.  They are a really hard-working group that just want to bring you awesome things.  Literally, that’s what they do.  Shout out to your efforts SPEC!

Here’s a calendar that can help you to keep up with their events:

But really, my proposal still stands……

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