Magic Carpets, Messy Desks, SOTW, and the Hallowed Halloween

Welcome one and all to another installment of the Fish Tank.  Starting THIS week (AKA today!!), we will be posting *twice* every week, instead of once. WOOOOOO!

Wednesday Student of the Week: Wednesdays we will feature a student from Fisher Hassenfeld- their life, their times, the color of their socks, their celebrity crush, their favorite sports teams, you fill in the blank.

Friday Fishbowl: a general post ranging from food, happenings, free stuff, thoughts, jokes, advice, Penn, Philadelphia, taking over the world, you name it.

UNFORTUNATELY, this week I’m a little mixed up on the timing of the posts (I’m sorry!!), so today we will be having Fishbowl and TOMORROW we will be having Student of the Week.  Next week, we will start our new schedule of Wednesdays and Fridays.  YES!

Without further ado, the Fish Tank for this week of October 31-November 4!

The Messiest Desk in the World

I know I’m not the only one with a desk that looks like King Kong has been filing my papers away.  Let’s just take a minute to dissect this picture.  It’ll be like I Spy.  Try to find the following things:


-Ant repellent

-Dining hall cup

-Chemistry notes

-Unused picture frame

-Empty gum bottle

-Special K wrapper

-Keyboard cover

-Makeup bag

-Glade Plug-ins

If you can play a game of I Spy with a picture of your desk, it’s usually time for a quick clean-up.  I didn’t realize the power of desk organizers until I took a second to look at my roommate’s desk that was completely put-together.  She has a cubby hole and plastic bag and holder for every possible thing that she could ever need.  She even has a gum drawer and a “tools” drawer.  I was a little afraid to open this drawer, at first.  Tools?  But then I realized she had batteries, tweezers, and other useful things organized together.  Nice work, roomie.  Although I represent the “bad” example, I hope to encourage all of you, today, to take a second to clean out your desk.  Having a clean, organized desk will help you to feel more balanced and clear-headed while studying for midterm exams.

Have you been on the Magic Carpet?

The above picture is the closest image of heaven that you will find here at Penn.  After passing the Magic Carpet food cart every day after Chemistry Lab on Thursdays, I finally decided to try it today.  I ordered the large chili with rice, something safe and easy.  Seriously, it was the best food I’ve had in a long time here at Penn.  I had heard people talking about it before, but I never took the time to actually test it out, and let me tell you- all the talk is SO true.  The chili was the perfect hot lunch on a cool November day- spicy, flavorful, and hardy.  And it cost me $5.50?!?!?  Such a deal!  Try it out soon!

Student of the Week (SOTW) to be Revealed TOMORROW!

Our student of the week this week is a Wharton student that lives in Franklin!  Can you guess who it is?  Find out tomorrow!  He’s going to share with us his secret to midterm survival, his best corny joke, and more!  Don’t miss it!!

Halloween Trick-or-Treating at Fisher!

The trick-or-treating event at Fisher last week was a success!  Dozens of children from West Philadelphia skipped through the dorms, gathering plenty of treats- and a few tricks, too!  I was probably more excited than all of them put together to have a few free snickers and Reese’s.  I was probably too excited . . . but hey, Halloween was awesome and thanks to House Council and all of those who volunteered in Fisher Hassenfeld to hand out candy!  You guys rock!

Thanks for tuning in to this week’s Fish Tank!  Check out SOTW tomorrow!

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