Student of the Week: Evan Deahl

Dressed in a dress shirt and tie, I caught Evan Deahl hanging out in his room on the second floor of Franklin.  As a Wharton Student, his work load is rough, but judging by the maps and flags on the walls around his bed, its easy to see that he is an inspired student. “I don’t want to look like a tool,” he joked, looking down at his unusually fancy attire.  He was dressed for a Wharton class that I would know little about, but I assured him that his attire would only make his internet debut even more famous.  Pretty jazzy, right?

Me:  So, how do you like Penn so far?  What’s been the best of the best?  What’s been the worst?

Evan: The people are definitely the best part so far.  Making friends and meeting different kinds of people has been awesome.  The worst part is the washing machines.  They have mental deficiencies.  It takes me a full day just to dry my clothes.

Me:  You have just received an invitation to the Grammy’s.  Who would you bring as your celebrity date and what were you nominated for?

Evan:  (Leans over to his friends)  Who was that girl?  The dance girl? Lauren London! Definitely her.  I was nominated for the Best Male Pop Vocal Performance of the year.

Me: What are you passionate about?

Evan:  I’m passionate about learning new things.  I spend a lot of nights watching documentaries on the History Channel.  I’m definitely a history buff and I don’t hide it.  I love learning that stuff.

Me:  Tell us your best corny joke.

Evan:  Can I tell an anti-joke, instead?

Me:  Go for it.

Evan: Why did the little boy drop his icecream cone?  Because he got hit by a bus.

Thanks to Evan for an awesome, fun interview for the first SOTW!  Nominate your friend here:

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