Student of the Week- Josh Erban

I met Josh Erban in my Palestinian Poet writing seminar class.  Although we’ve spent plenty of time complaining to each other about the tactics of Val Ross, I had never taken the time to ask him some “real” questions.  This week, I caught up with him to ask these questions.  He’s a sports-playing, acapella-singing, French-loving, all-around funny and awesome guy!  Ladies and gentleman- I give to you our new Student of the Week… Josh Erban!  Our newest Fish!

Me: So, Josh tell me your best cheesy joke.

Josh:  Well, I used this one in my Pennsix performance- what do you call a sheep with no legs?

Me:  Haha, I don’t know what?

Josh: A cloud.

Me: Hahah, NICE.  I like that one.  So, what are some things you are involved with on campus?

Josh:  I’m involved in an acapella group called Pennsix.  We actually just had a performance recently, like last weekend?  I also do a lot of intramural sports.  Soccer and volleyball are my two main ones, but I’m going to start doing basketball soon.

Me:  Wow!  That’s crazy, how do you have time to keep up with all that?!

Josh:  Well, I mean its a really great way to meet people… and you feel good after you do it, because you’re outside and you’re getting exercise.  So, instead of wasting time on Facebook or something, I use that small amount of free time to do intramurals.

Me:  That’s a really awesome idea.  Alright, what’s the worst part about Penn?

Josh:  Ummm, I’d have to say… the cockroaches and mice in my room.  I actually left power bars on the floor one night and woke up with shreds of wrappers.  All the chocolate had been eaten off the outside of the bars.  It was so gross.  Oh, and one time they ate holes in one of my bags.

Me:  You mean the mice, right?!  Not the cockroaches!

Josh:  Oh, yeah the mice!  Haha!

Me:  Phew!  Alright, now we’re getting serious.  What are you passionate about?  Like what are you into?

Josh:  Hmm… I don’t want this answer to be boring, but I don’t know.  I really like music, and that’s why I’m in Pennsix.  I’m really passionate about French, but I can’t make money from it, so I don’t really know how I’d pursue it as a career.  But I’m definitely still passionate about it.

Me:  Do you think most students equate money to success at Penn?

Josh:  I don’t really think so.  A lot of my friends are pursuing things that they like and won’t necessarily bring them a lot of money.  At the same time, things that you wouldn’t expect to make a lot of money, are able to make more than, say, an Economics student because of the economy and what they decide to do with their major.

Me:  Cool, I see what you mean.  Thanks for catching up with us!

Thanks Josh for being our SOTW this week!  Nominate your friends here at

Check back on Friday for your regularly scheduled FishTank!

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