Fisher Hassenfeld Photo Adventure

Welcome again to the FishTank.  Today, we’re keeping it short and sweet.  We want to know: How many of you would like to be a part of a photo adventure with you fellow Fisher Hassenfeld hallmates!?

Marlie Winslow (that’s me!), the Media Specialist (a fancy name for photographer and Dear John-writer) at FH, wants to organize an event for anyone and everyone who lives in the Fisher Hassenfeld house.  AND NO, this isn’t just for girls, so we can get cool Facebook profile pictures.  This is an awesome opportunity!

We want to take pictures on campus, off-campus, near campus, far from campus, over the river, and through the woods- whatever YOU can think of.  Also, anyone who owns a camera is WELCOME to take pictures.  This would be a great bonding experience for our residents and a cool way to spend a Saturday afternoon.  Food will be a definite possibility as a part of this adventure, since we all love good food.

WE DON’T HAVE DETAILS YET.  But if you’re interested in this, PLEASE fill out the following Google form.  If enough interest builds, we will plan this out and it will be awesome!  We’ll be able to go visit some cool spots in Philadelphia and on-campus, and also get cool pictures for memories. Some photos may even be featured in the Fisher Hassenfeld Photo Gallery for all the (FH) world to see!

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