Student of the Week- Gavriel Fineberg

Thanks to his nomination by Rebecca Spirgel, Gavriel Fineberg is our Student of the Week this week!  He recently broke his leg through an epic battle involving Nerf guns, and he’s involved in some cool stuff on campus.  Check it out:

What are you involved in on campus?

I’m in parliamentary debate, which I basically chose to do because I did it all throughout high school.  I’m an undecided major, but I am interested in stuff like that.  I also do a few dance classes on the side, like ballroom dancing!

Wow, awesome!  So, if you were going to the Grammy Music Awards, who would your posse or date be?

Hmm, I think I’d have to take the entire Beatles with me.  It would be like a big “man date.”

Any plans for Winter Break?

Well, I’m celebrating Hanukkah with my family, and I’m hoping to actually get something equal to my brothers this year!  Last year, they got an XBox360 and I got a book.  A book!

So, we hear that you took a gap year before coming to Penn- what’s up with that?

Yeah, I actually spent the year studying religious texts and doing religious studies, in general.  It was pretty customary coming out of my high school to take a gap year for that reason. I also did some hiking throughout the year.

Very cool!  Do you plan on taking any religious studies courses here at Penn?

Maybe a few?  I’m in a class right now on religious wars.  Most of my religious involvement happens in Hillel groups, instead of through classes.

So, how about we lighten things up with your best one-line joke.

Ummmm, gosh let me think.  I’m not funny!  Haha, can I pass?

Fine, fine, but next time we’re getting a joke!  We’ll do something a little easier.  What is your dream travel destination?

I would love to own a private island in the Caribbean.  Haha!  That’s a little extreme, but does that work?

Most definitely!  Okay, so last question.. but I know that I’ve been dying to find out.  How exactly did you break your leg?

Well, I was playing a really intense gave of Nerf gun capture-the-flag with some friends on campus.  I had the flag and I was running, and all of sudden, I turned around and the another popped up.  I accidentally slid and ended up breaking my leg.

Wow, well we hope you have a fast recovery!  That’s an awesome story!

Thanks Greg for being our Student of the Week!!  Nominate your friends here:

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One Response to Student of the Week- Gavriel Fineberg

  1. Ariella Levine says:

    rofl, “epic battle involving Nerf guns”

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