It’s beginning to feel a lot like . . .

Photo by: Marlie Winslow

Reading Days.  Much to our dismay, the weight of projects, presentations, and finals can put a major damper on the Holiday Season.  Many of us even have to stay on campus until December 22!  But don’t fear.  We have your complete guide to surviving your finals without sacrificing the warm and fuzzy of the holidays.  From lighted boat festivals to free cookies, there will be TONS of opportunities to get hyped up on holly jolly.  Wake up and smell the mistletoe!

Late Night Snacks in Goldberg Happens On . . .

12/12-12/18 (M/T/W) and also on 12/18-12/20 (S/M/T) from 11 pm to 1 am!

Sunday, 12/11/11

FH: House Council presents the Pancake and Smoothie Luau in McClelland Lounge at 12 pm!

Philadelphia:  Don’t miss the Latkepalooza at UArts in Hamilton Hall (320 S. Broad Street) where you can enjoy gourmet latkes from several area restaurants as well as live music from the Philadelphia Orchestra.  Only $15!

Tuesday, 12/13/11

FH: Chair Massages from 1-5 pm, sign-up in the EQ Office!

Philadelphia:  Go take a walk and grab some hot cocoa in Rittenhouse Square, where the holiday lights are plenty and stores have some great deals for all your shopping needs!

Wednesday 12/14/2011

FH: Music and Cookies in Goldberg at 8 pm!

Philadelphia:  Go visit the Christmas Village for a couple hours with your FH friends!  It’s an authentic German Christmas markets with tons of cool stuff.  It would be a great way to get all your Christmas shopping done!  Check it out!

Thursday 12/15/2011

FH: Make a gingerbread house in Goldberg at 1 pm and play Kinect and get some free snacks at 11 pm!

Friday 12/16/2011

FH:  Movie/game night in Goldberg

Philadelphia: If you missed the Christmas Village during the week, go on the weekend!  It has pretty great hours… check it out at their website:

Saturday 12/17/2011

FH:  Movie/game night in Goldberg

Philadelphia:  Don’t miss the Seaport Parade of Lights on the Delaware River @ The Independence Seaport Museum.  This beautiful show of lighted boats kicks off at 5 pm!

Sunday, 12/18/2011

FH: Insanity Workout at 12 pm in Goldberg!

Philadelphia:  Go take a walk in America’s oldest Diamond District.  There are beautiful seasonal lights for a limited time!

Tuesday, 12/20-12/31

Philadelphia: Hershel and Hanukkah  Goblins Show at the Painted Bride Arts Center- a stage adaptation of the popular children’s book!

In conclusion, we hope that you can get ALMOST as happy as this little girl was about Disneyland for the holiday season (try not to cry, because I definitely did).

And a little more procrastination for you . . .

Whenever I feel badly for not having enough money to go to Pod, I just play this awesome sushi making game. WARNING: VERY ADDICTING!  Have an awesome week!

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