Student of the Week- Danielle Landress!



Congratulations to fellow fish Danielle Landress, Fisher Hassenfeld’s Student of the Week!

I met Danielle at the Upper Quad Gate, as she waited for her boyfriend Brandon Gleklen who also is a freshman at Penn in the College.  She was nice enough to give us a very awesome and interesting interview with the few minutes that she had to spare  (thanks Danielle!!!).  She is an undecided major in the College, but is very involved on campus.  She volunteers in the Penn Reading Initiative to help promote literacy.  She’s also added that she has (or ALMOST has) an internship at a law office, which is super awesome.  As her survival tool for all the hard work at Penn, she said she likes “snuggling and coffee”, but then laughed and added, “please don’t quote me on that.”  (Sorry).  As her celebrity date to the Grammy’s, she chose Chace Crawford, star of the hit show Gossip Girl.  A very nice choice.  In conclusion, she says that her favorite spots in Philly are Hummus, Sweet Green, Rittenhouse Square, and OF COURSE, Fisher Hassenfeld.  I’m going to have to agree on Hummus. It is AMAZING (go there if you haven’t yet and get the chicken kabobs).

Thanks Danielle!

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