Student of the Week- Cameron Strong

Our SOTW of the week is Cameron Strong, a resident of the Media and Communications community!  On Friday, I ventured over to the Nipple for an interview with a fellow FH’er who has a lot under her belt, and yet still has time to jam to Top 40 hits and crack a few jokes.

She’s a first-year student in Wharton with dreams of working in the resort hotel business.  Resort hotels?!?!? That’s right.  Ever since high school, she has been involved in planning out several of her family’s vacations to various exotic locations.  After so much planning, she realized that she had a passion for the business and wanted to delve into it even further.  So, does this mean FH’ers have a free Caribbean hotel room thanks to Cameron?  We hope!

As her date to the Grammy’s, Cameron said she would take James MacAvoy, star of Wanted and well-known actor of Mr. Tumnus.  As a crazy hairstyle choice, Cameron said she would dye her hair fiery red and get long extensions.  (Good choice, right?)  On top of her Wharton activities, she also is pledging for the Chi Omega sorority and spending late nights at Kiwi with way too many toppings (according to her).

Two things that inspire Cameron are travelling and people who have very different double majors, like Art History and Math.  Any double majors out there?  She is also inspired by music, although she admitted that she’s a closet fan of the Top 40 hits.  We’re not judging!

Thank you Cameron for an awesome time!  Congrats on being our Student of the Week!!

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