Student of the Week 2/13- NIKHIL DAS!

Nikhil Das is this week’s FH Student of the Week (hoops and hollers)!  He was kind enough to spend some time with me, talking about everything from academics to secret crushes.  Congratulations Nikhil!

Nikhil is a first-year student in the Health Care Management program, which he described as a combination of “nursing and Wharton classes”.  Impressive, right?  “Well, I’m the only guy in the program in my year as of this semester,” Nikhil added.  Even though it may seem daunting to be the only male in the program, he says that he equally enjoys both Wharton and Nursing classes.  On a lighter note, Nikhil has a secret celebrity crush on Maria Sharapova, the epic tennis star.  In ten years, Nikhil sees himself being passionate in a job within the health field, as well as either engaged or married.  But sorry ladies, he currently has a girlfriend that he loves very much.  When asked about a dream destination vacation, he replied, “ANYWHERE WARM!”  After this last week of Philadelphia winter weather, I couldn’t agree more.

After our short interview, Nikhil went to go play a game of pool as a “study break”, which I thought was pretty darn cool.  Rather than sitting on Facebook, he decided to get out his energy by playing both sides of a pool game.  At one point, he even knocked a ball out of the table into the Equipment Office (HA!).

Nikhil is an all-around hardworking and really cool guy, so if you see him around this week- make sure you say “congrats!” and perhaps become his friend.  He’s someone that you ought to know, which is why he is our Student of the Week!

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