Student of the Week: Elena Leib


This week Fisher Hassenfeld caught with fellow resident, Elena Leib.  Although she claimed herself to be an undecided major, she seems anything but indecisive about being involved on campus and loving her classes here at Penn.  She’s a really cool gal, so make sure you say hey to her and congrats on being our Student of the Week if you see her!

FH: What was your favorite class this year?

Elena: Hmm, I’d have to say my sociolinguistics class from this semester.

FH: What are you doing for Spring Break?

Elena:  Just going home!  Relaxing, sleeping, eating, hanging out with the family!

FH:  So, are you involved in anything on campus?

Elena:  Yeah, actually I recently was nominated to become the NSO Chair for Hillel.

FH: Wow!  Tell us more about that- what does that entail?

Elena: Basically, the chairs are in charge of planning NSO for Hillel.  I’ve been pretty involved in Hillel and the conservative Jewish group on campus.  I was nominated by previous chairs and professors involved in the group.

FH:  Congratulations!  So, can you tell us what you’re planning for NSO or what your big idea is?

Elena:  Well, we haven’t really done any intense planning yet, but overall, we want to make it the best, most welcoming experience for new Jewish students next year.  It’s also a bonding experience for the chairs who make it happen.  There are over 100+ involved in planning it, so I’m really excited to just be a part of it!

FH:  Okay, switching gears.  Favorite food?

Elena: Chocolate!!

FH: NICE!  What about a dream destination?

Elena:  Probably a small village in Italy with tons of pasta!

Hahaha, that was the most unique answer we’ve ever gotten!  Thanks Elena for the interview!!

That’s all for today FH’ers, have a great Spring Break!


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