College House Deans Integrated Knowledge Award 2012 – deadline is coming soon!

Living in a College House at Penn is about more than just where you lay your weary head. Here at FH we strive to weave together a community of thinkers, scholars, and do-ers. If you have spent the last six months here engaging in our House community, or trying to find ways to fuse your academic life with your social interactions, apply for the College House Deans Integrated Knowledge Award.

This award is legit – with a ceremony where the winner will be recognized for their achievements, and given a single top award of $1,000. With these incentives, the College House Deans admire and hope to inspire the best in their residents.

Applications and recommendations are due SUNDAY, March 18! Don’t be shy – if you see yourself in the description above, submit an application. There’s no harm in applying, right? With a sweet $ reward, public recognition, and a awesome resume gold star, you should go for it!
To learn more and apply, visit

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