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If you want to spend some time studying abroad, surely you have a bunch of questions…

Will financial aid cover it? How do the credits transfer? Will I have time to do other traveling while I’m there? How much should I pack? What if I miss my friends and family too much?

Come to the Morris-Bodine Lounge this Wednesday (3/28) at 7PM for an event brought to you by Ware & FH. At this helpful info session, you can chat with students who have studied abroad, there specifically to answer your questions. There will also be delicious, free international cuisine from Pattaya, Zocalo, and other Philly eateries. No need to RSVP, just swing by at 7 ready to be empowered with knowledge about studying abroad!

The MoBo Lounge is located on the 3rd floor of Ware College House. You can easily get there by entering the door to Bodine, which is right behind the Reverend Whitefield statue on the East edge of the Upper Quad. Then, just head up to the third floor and the you should hear the commotion from there!

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