Student of the Week- Tina Hsu!

This week, I had the pleasure of catching up with Tina Hsu, a fellow FH’er here at Penn!  She’s spunky, ambitious, outgoing, stylish, and all-in-all an excellent example of the kind of awesome residents that live here in Fisher Hassenfeld.  Check it out!

What was your favorite class at Penn this semester?

I would definitely say my writing seminar class, because it focused on global health and healing.  We do a lot of readings about health care problems throughout the world and how these problems are being solved today.  The professor is really cool, too!

Cool!  So we hear you did something pretty amazing over Spring Break- can you tell us about it?

Sure!  I went to Peru through a global health internship program offered by Penn.  They send interns three times a year to go and work in Peruvian slum communities.  My internship, specifically, dealt with teaching nutrition, sanitation, and skills like composting to the those living in poverty.

Wow, what was the biggest challenge about the trip?

Getting used to not being to shower every day when you want to.  Even in city, the water was cold and, generally, unreliable.  It wasn’t always available and that was pretty hard for me to get used to.

And the most rewarding part of your trip?

Being able to play with the Peruvian children and see the genuine looks of joy on their faces.  Something as little as letting them using your camera would make them so happy.  They don’t have things like that.  They barely have anything.  We also gave them Chi O stickers and they absolutely loved it  (Tina is a recent ’12 pledge to Chi Omega).

Alright, switching gears- who is your celeb crush?

Gotta say it- Justin Bieber, because he just became legal and his voice has become deeper.  And he’s amazing in every way!

Hahaha, I love it!  I watched his documentary like five times!!

Me too!!!

One thing you want to do at Penn before you graduate?

Burn down Commons Dining Hall (just kidding).

What are you doing this summer?

I’m doing a research internship at Penn for 10-weeks doing stem cell research and then I’m going to try to go to Africa for 3 weeks with my best friend.  I’m really excited!

What part?!?!

Kenya or Senegal.  They both have different aspects that interest me, but Kenya has more resources and things to do, while Senegal would be more like a mission trip.  We’re just not sure what route we’re going to take.

As you can see, Tina is quite the busy FH’er.  She’s got big dreams and an even bigger personality!  If you see her this week, congratulate her on being Fisher Hassenfeld’s SOTW.  Thanks Tina!

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