the city at your feet


Well, much as expected, this summer is flying by at breakneck speed! It’s almost time to turn the calendar to July, which means in less than 2 months you’ll be packing up and moving here to Penn. There is so much to explore and discover in University City, but we encourage all FHers to branch out and see what’s beyond the campus boundaries. Philadelphia is a dynamic city that holds so much history, so many fun things to do, tons of amazing places to see art, hear music, eat food, and experience culture. We’ve got some special plans in the works for Saturday, September 1st to help you get out and about in this new city of yours. Until then, spend a little time perusing Campus Philly, which is a rich resource for all things pertaining to the City of Brotherly Love, and geared toward students like you. Also, hit up Uwishunu: a hip, helpful site that features cool people, places and events – know what the insiders know! A little internet research now will prepare you to hit the ground running once you arrive.

[photo credit: Marlie Winslow]

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