represent for the planet

Calling all eco-conscious FHers-to-be: Do you want to learn more about UPenn sustainability initiatives? Interested in planning events and campaigns that encourage green living in your College House? Want to be part of an awesome crew of like-minded folks who want to make a difference?  If so, apply to be an Eco-Rep in Fisher Hassenfeld College House!

The College House Eco-Reps program is an environmental leadership program, open to all College House residents, that focuses on raising awareness of environmental issues and encouraging sustainable practices on Penn’s campus.  Eco-Reps will have the opportunity to interact with other environmental leaders on campus, attend trips throughout the Philadelphia area, and create programs and events that challenge their peers to adopt more sustainable behavior.

The application period runs from August 1st through September 16th. Contact Julian Goresko at with questions about the program’s application and selection process. Check out the Eco Reps Facebook page for more info on the program!

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