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If you want your room to look personalized and cool this year, but can never seem to find posters that suit your taste (sorry people, Harry Potter is over), consider buying some actual art. Thanks to the magic of the internet, there are lots of sites where artists sell prints of their work on the cheap.

At 20×200, there are hundreds of beautiful prints of drawings, paintings and photos starting at just $24. Spend a little more, and they will frame it for you!

Etsy, of course, is a great resource for all things artsty, handmade, and vintage. Often, it is the artists themselves selling their work, so your purchase will support them directly. A simple search for “Wall Art” yielded over 300,000 results. You can refine your search if you’re looking for a specific design (for example, “Bike Wall Art” returned over a thousand products), or you can search under the Vintage category to find some truly one of a kind pieces. Remember, you can’t use nails or screws in your FH room, but Command Strips are an easy and totally functional way to hang things up without damaging the paint or the walls.

Wall decals are also a sweet way to bring color, personality and life to your space. You can find tons of shapes and motifs, from animals to sports to pop iconography at If you’re considering anything that will cover a lot of wall space or make a huge visual impact, it might be a good idea to check in with your future roommate first!

If you’re like “Eh, this sounds like a lot of work – I’m kind of just cool with some good old fashioned posters…” the Penn Bookstore holds a huge outdoor sale every year where you can find all the classics: sports teams, rock stars, Jim Belushi wearing the COLLEGE shirt, all that.

Remember y’all: this is the room you’re going to live in all year, so spend some time thinking about how to make it your own!

(top photo by Courtney Lynch, used under Creative Commons license)
(bottom photo by Melmai Wall Decals, used under Creative Commons license)
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