deep thoughts

As this summer draws to a close, you may find yourself reflecting on things.
Are you ready to leave home? Is this the first step of growing up, or are you still a kid? What’s it going to feel like when your parents walk away? Will you make friends? What will happen to your high school friends? Are classes going to be hard? WHAT IS COLLEGE GOING TO BE LIKE??

This honest essay “Year One,” posted on Rookie Magazine’s website, examines the complexity of starting college. The author shares advice about roommate awkwardness, making friends, joining activities, and the potential struggles with this period of transition. You know the part where she suggests going to the activities fair and signing up for everything that looks even remotely interesting? Your turn will be at Penn’s Student Organizations Fair on Monday, 9/3 on Locust Walk and College Green. Get there early for brunch!

As potentially scary as this time can be, just remember that tons of awesome stuff is waiting for you here at Penn and at Fisher Hassenfeld, and during NSO there will be tons of opportunities to meet people, explore campus, and a million fun things to do to ward off homesickness.  Get ready for an adventure!

(photo by Adam Fagen, used under Creative Commons license)
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