the total package

So we’ve been fielding a lot of calls lately here at Fisher Hassenfeld HQ about packages. Maybe there’s some stuff you want to send ahead to save room in the car that’s bringing you. Or perhaps you’re flying to Philadelphia from a distant land and can only cram so much in your suitcase. Or is your favorite Aunt is already scheming on sending care packages, and you want to make sure you give her the exact right address?

The proper mailing format of your on-campus address is:

RM xxxx FSHS MB xxxx
PHILA PA 19104-6025

(You might as well go ahead and update your account now. We’ll wait…)

You can find your mailbox (MB) number through Penn In Touch. Other FAQs about mail and packages to the UPenn College Houses can be found here. When a package for you arrives to the Quad and is received by the package room, an email will automatically be sent to your UPenn account. Head down to the package room in the basement of McClelland (you’ll know where this is soon enough), with your Penn ID in hand, and the package is all yours! If you want to ship things ahead, hopefully now you can proceed with confidence, knowing that you have your address all figured out.

(photo by Timothy Valentine, used under Creative Commons license)
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