bust a move

Alright, FH-ers – THIS IS IT. In just a few days, you’ll arrive on campus for the beginning of the most exciting year ever! A fair word of warning: Move-In around here can be kind of…intense. New students, parents, siblings, volunteers, and other Penn officials will all be hustling to get everyone in and settled as quickly and efficiently as possible. The more prepared ahead of time that you are, the better!

Check out these move-in tips on UPenn’s Housing website, print out parking passes in advance at Campus Express, and have your belongings boxed up neatly for easier move-ability. FH will have a table staffed with RAs and GAs right in the front of the Quad. We are there to answer your on-the-fly questions and supply you with iced coffee and lemonade for fuel!

See this cart? It’s your new best friend. These babies help make the moving process so much better – just load them up with your stuff and wheel them to the front door of your building! Carts are available for check out from the Information Center for 1 hour blocks of time. Please be advised that almost all of the rooms in FH are only accessible by steps. Don’t despair! The flights aren’t so bad and it will be over before you know it. Then you’ll say your goodbyes and the thrilling rollercoaster ride that is New Student Orientation will begin!

(Still packing? Here is Housing’s list of most essential things to bring with.)

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