Wake Me Up BEFORE September Ends

Walking through the Upper Quad this past week, it was impossible not to notice the gorgeous weather. Many students took advantage of the long-awaited return of clear skies. Some seized the opportunity to study outside while others relaxed and went sunbathing. At any given moment, there was at least one game of Frisbee taking place. The only inhabitants who enjoyed the weather more than the students were the squirrels. Even a certain “little fellow” came out to play with his dad while his mom played some peaceful tunes on her violin. The change in weather seemed to lift everyone’s spirits out of the post-orientation gloom. Unfortunately, the sunny days are only temporary.

If current forecasts are any indication, we are in for another rainy week here in the City of Brotherly Moisture. It could not come at a more inconvenient time, as the freshmen are finally settling into their classes and tackling an ever-increasing workload, clubs and activities are beginning to pick up speed and many students are celebrating Rosh Hashanah. Indeed, the weather will only get worse from here as autumn blows through and the inevitably frigid winter sets in. With the amount of rain the city has been getting this year, it seems highly probable that our lush green campus will soon be transformed into a frozen white wonderland.

It is exceptionally important, however, not to let the rain dampen our spirits. This year has only just begun and incredible things lie ahead for each and every resident of Fisher Hassenfeld. While winter tends to symbolize a loss for nature as those rambunctious squirrels go into hibernation and the trees shed their leaves, for students it marks a period of tremendous gain. Who at this point can say with certainty what incredible things we will have done and learned when the spring thaw comes? Soon, we will no longer be able to read that 150-page assignment on Winston Churchill in the comfort of the Upper Quad grass, but when the trees begin to bud again, our minds will be in full bloom. Take this opportunity to go do your ECON reading outside, but when you’re finished, prepare for a long, cold and tremendously enriching winter. The Fisher community will keep you warm no matter what.

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