Stranded on an Island

This past weekend, the newly elected Fisher Hassenfeld House Council ventured out to New Life Island for a day filled of team-building, marshmallow roasting and of course smore-making fun! The journey over to the island—yes, island, as it is bordered by the Delaware River – started off wet and rainy, but upon the arrival at the camp, the rain had disappeared. With a complete turnaround in weather, by 9:45 am on the sunny Sunday morning, the council was up and ready to have fun. With the sun shining brightly above, the Council completed various team-building tasks, including but not limited to: blindfolded adventures, talks under parachutes-a la elementary school memories, visits to the “racetrack,” and the group favorite: sumo wrestler chants! “Sumo wrestler wakes up in the morning, looks the sunrise dead in the eye, and goes earth, wind, fire, sky!”

Beyond the amazing talks around the campfire and midnight ventures into the woods, the FH House Council also established goals for this coming academic year. They created subcommittees to work on specific events, including the first event occurring on Friday, September 21, 2012. A Fisher Movie Sleep Out will be hosted in the Quad, and the best part is that Fisher residents get to vote for the movie. Votes are in and you’ve chosen BRIDESMAIDS! Get ready for a great movie, yummy snacks, and lovely sleep out under the stars! This is just one of the many amazing events that will be brought to you by your House Council. Feel free to send any suggestions or concerns to This past weekend was an incredible experience and definitely set the foundation for the amazing year that is yet to come!

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