My “Place of Yes”

Friday, September 28, 2012 at 2:00pm– My fellow Fisher Hassenfeld friends Lauri, Roopa, and I sprinted from Houston Hall to the Sheraton Hotel located on 36th Street and Chestnut Street. With our hearts pounding and sweat beginning to trickle down the sides of our heads, we were seriously hoping that that we’d at least be numbers #98, #99, and #100.  But to our greatest delight, we were #1, #2, and #3.


When one gains their claim to fame via a reality show, I usually have my doubts, but Bethenny Frankel proves to be the exception to the rule. On Friday, Wharton Women hosted Ms. Frankel at the Sheraton Hotel as part of the “Building Your Brand” Workshop. When I heard that the witty and hilarious NYC native was coming to Penn, I promised to be one of the first 100 people in line in order to receive a free autographed copy of her book, A Place of Yes.


2:15pm-5:00pm-We sat on the floor of the hotel corridor and camped out, waiting as the next 97 lucky attendees arrived. Wharton Women representative soon arrived bearing the fruit: A Place of Yes. After receiving our soon to be signed books, we were ushered into the first row of the Ben Franklin Auditorium, less than 2 feet in front of the podium where the beloved Bethenny would stand.


5:50pm-7:00pm- Clad in a striking, candy apple red, fitted dress with accent pink and orange bangles, the 41 year old author, entrepreneur, and chef spoke about her life and experience as a business woman. She emphasized the importance of not assuming that people know more than you do, the importantance of listenening to your gut and knowing what works best for you. After a short Q&A session, Ms. Bethenny took to signing her books as promised. I was so excited to meet her and simply thanked her for coming to Penn to speak to us.  She truly is an admirable role model for any woman and is a testament to the idea that anything is possible once you put your mind to it. From where Bethenny came, living in a small studio apartment baking cookies to make rent, to where she is now, founder of Skinnygirl, speaks volumes to her resistance and dedication.


Needless to say, I am so grateful to attend an institution like Penn where opportunities such as these are available.  Wharton Women is an incredible group with incredible opportunities, even if you aren’t in Wharton—or aren’t a woman. Males and College students alike were present in the crowd on Friday!

On Monday, October 1, 2012, Wharton Women will be hosting Dress For Success with Keynote Speaker Andrea Lusting, Glamour Magazine Beauty Editor. Check it out!

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1 Response to My “Place of Yes”

  1. Nyia says:

    Hi evelyr12. How are you?

    I attended the event and as pathetic as it sounds, I haven’t found the pictures taken when the people with books to be autographed got on stage. Can you please tell me where to find them? And if Bethenny’s talk was recorded? Thanks.

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