There’s No Place Like Home

After a long week of research papers, exams, and midterms, Fall Break couldn’t have come at a better time! The cloudy Friday morning was a deceptive prelude to the copious amounts of fun and humid warm weather that would follow over the course of the weekend. For many, like myself, Fall Break was the first time students returned home since move-in in August, but thanks to Family Weekend, wasn’t also the first time to be reunited with family.  Others, however, couldn’t return home and spent the break with others on campus or elsewhere. Roopa Shankar of Class of ’87, a California native, took the time to visit her older sister at Harvard. They caught up and explored Cambridge visiting cool restaurants like Spice and Max Brenners Chocolate Factory. But, she specifically noted that she brought along a weighted backpack, as she had an Economics 10 midterm soon after her arrival back to campus on Wednesday. Lauri Bonacorsi of McKean stayed on campus, but her mother flew in from St. Louis to visit her. They spent the day at the King of Prussia Mall, a bonus for Lauri as she wasn’t able to attend the FH sponsored trip to the mall.

I was excited at the thought of returning back home, but also nervous about whether I would become too emotionally attached. But all those anxieties disappeared as soon as my Bolt Bus pulled out of the Holland Tunnel, and I was reunited with the concrete jungle in which I was born and raised. Headed towards Penn Station, the buildings, the people, and the skyline brought back memories as we passed restaurants and schools where I had spent so much of my time over the course of the past 18 years. Taking the subway home and walking home from the station brought such nostalgia, as I hadn’t swiped a NYC MetroCard – the key to the city – in 2 months. I returned home to be reunited with my parents and younger brother! Aside from spending time with my family, sleeping in my bed and taking a shower without shoes were one of my favorite parts of my trip home.

I spent time with old high school friends but also new Penn friends. Lianna Serko, also of McKean, celebrated her 18th birthday on Sunday, October 21st. I took a trip to her house in Alpine, New Jersey to spend time with her and her family. Lianna enjoyed the comfort of her old bedroom, as well, but also the familiar feeling of driving her car, affectionately named Mel. We drove around for hours on end belting tunes, all while I got a tour of Alpine and the surrounding towns.

All in all, Fall Break was a great way to celebrate the old and the new! I missed NYC more than I could have imagined, but returning back to Penn’s campus on Tuesday afternoon also felt “right”.

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