story time

Are you an amazing storyteller, always cracking your friends up with tales of your observations and aventures? Do you love to listen to others share their experiences, memories, and jokes?

If so, check out the 11th Annual First Person Arts Festival, happening now in Philadelphia! The theme of this year is Push and Pull, about how artists, comedians, and memoirists often dredge up things from their pasts and pull into their future and have to push beyond. The Festival offers dozens of events, workshops, and performances, all centered around the art of storytelling.

If you’re the one always busting out a crazy story, consider attending the Introduction to Storytelling workship with Adam Wade at 11AM on Saturday, or the Grand Slam StorySlam tonight at 8PM. Both are at the Christ Church Neighborhood House at 20 N. American Street.

If you just love to listen to a good yarn, The True Story, or Vicious and Multiple and Untrue After All, Taxi Tapes, RISK! and The Adam Wade Family Hour are all events you might enjoy!

For more, see the First Person Arts Facebook Page and Uwishunu’s guide to the Festival.

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